The scenic landscape of Ardgroom and the Beara Peninsula in West Cork offers a world of beauty to help you really escape the day to day bustle of life.

You can end up on the open winding road on the Healy Pass, which runs across the peninsula, spend some time in the cold but pristine waters of the bay at Puleen Beach or admire the glacial landscape at Glenbeg Lake.

Whatever you're looking for, it's on the doorstep of your home away from home at Ardgroom Leisure Village.


Glenbeg Lake

One of the main attractions in Ardgroom, is Glenbeg Lake. A spectacular glacial lake formed during the Ice Age, it is less than 2 km from the village making it a lovely leisurely walk up to and around the lake.

Ardgroom Stone Circle

Ardgroom Stone Circle is a two mile easy walk from the houses, although you'll need to make sure that you wear a decent pair of hiking boots or shoes that you don't mind getting a little bit muddy as part of the walk brings you through bogland which is quite slushy in the wet weather.  

Healy Pass 

The Healy Pass is a rare gem which lies just to the left of rolling hills of Ardgroom Village. Unspoilt and largely desolate, the spectacular views and winding roads showcase the area's flora and fauna. You'll even come lots of sheep grazing on the hillside. Whether you decide to cycle or drive the Healy Pass, the views will be imprinted in your mind forever. 


Droumard is a nice quiet sheltered cove, ideal for swimming and often frequented by the locals.   Located just a mile from the village, it is easy to get to by car or foot. This beach is south facing and is generally warm due to its sheltered location

Pristine water on the inlet bay, this is where the locals come to swim during the summer months, or even take a dip on more wintery days. There's nothing like a refreshing swim on a sunny day here. The beach is stoney but sheltered and the view is stunning. 

You might also like to visit: 

Allihies Copper Mine Museum

Many of the locals of Beara, going back generations used to work in the Allihies Copper Mines. Nowadays, you can visit the museum which details the history and gives you an insight into an industry that was the backbone of the area for years. Many of the locals emigrated to the city of Butte, Montana in the U.S.A from 1870 - 1915 to mine.  There are still strong links still existing today and the local community still make visits back and forth to Montana to say hello.

Derreen Gardens

Although this spectacular estate is situated in Co. Kerry, it's just a 10 minute drive from Ardgroom. With more than 60 acres, Derreen Gardens is truly a place to get lost exploring with 12 km of winding woodland paths, you can hike your way to the stunning views over Kilmakilloge Harbour, the Caha Mountains and even the McGillicuddy Reeks.

The garden is home to many exotic plants and is known for its rhododendrons which usually bloom in late April, early May.  If you're an avid gardener, wildlife lover, hiker or walker - make sure you don't leave it off your list.

Dursey Island

Dursey Island is situated far out on the Wild Atlantic Way and boasts the only working cable car in Ireland. Occasionally, you'll see sheep being transported from the mainland to the island in it! Dursey Island is also a hikers' paradise offering a challenging and breathtaking trail around the island.


A pretty and truly colourful little village, this is just a short scenic drive away from Ardgroom. You can take either the stunning coastal route or the main Ardgroom to Castletownbere road. 


One of Ireland's most busy fishing ports, this is where much of the fish comes from for the famous Kay O'Connell's fish market in the English Market, Cork. It's also the home of McCarthy's Bar brought to literary fame by author Pete McCarthy in his bestseller McCarthy's Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland. This is definitely a busier town than the rest on the peninsula but it holds its own beauty in the hustle and bustle.